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Kevin Moderer ist für sein unsportliches Verhalten in Spiel drei der „Best-of-7“-Semifinalserie zwischen den Moser Medical Graz 99ers und dem EC-KAC mit einer Geldstrafe belegt worden.

Das Department of Player Safety hat über Kevin Moderer von den Moser Medical Graz 99ers eine Geldstrafe in der Höhe von € 500,00 verhängt. Grund für die Strafe war sein unsportliches Verhalten gegenüber EC-KAC-Spieler Sim Liivik in Spiel drei der „Best-of-7“-Semifinalserie.

Das DOPS stellt dazu folgendes Video zu Verfügung:

Hier finden Sie das Original-Urteil.

Kevin Moderer of Moser Medical Graz 99ers has been fined for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Kevin Moderer (#72) of Moser Medical Graz 99ers, time 13:16 was involved in an incident deemed as Unsportsmanlike Conduct (IIHF Rule 168).

According to the Arbitratorand having considered the video evidence, player Kevin Moderer (#72) of Moser Medical Graz 99ers, will receive supplementary discipline under rule 168 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct

On April 2nd in Graz an incident occurred involving Graz player #72 Kevin Moderer. At a stoppage Kevin Moderer engaged in an altercationwith KAC player #72 Sim Liivik. Afterthe 2 combatants were separated Kevin Moderer tauntedhis opponent further with a detrimental body gesture. Both players were penalized for the infraction with minor penalties for roughing and located in the penalty box.

The reason for supplementary discipline is Kevin Moderer continued his actions by pointing at the opposing player in the penalty box, followed by multiple hand gestures to his throat. We assume Kevin Moderer thought this was a real threateninggesture. In reality, it is an intolerable body gesture. The gesture serves absolutely no purpose in the game and will not be tolerated.Considered a complete lack of integrity for the opposing team and the game.

Effectiveimmediately, Kevin Moderer (#72) is fined 500.00 Euros.

Key references:

Unsportsmanlike conduct
Body gesture detrimental to the game
Lack of integrity

From the perspective of DOPS and according to the EBEL Penalty Catalog Ref. Nr. 114 Unsportsmanlike behavior – Diving/Embellishment/Enhancement, Kevin Moderer (#72) of Moser Medical Graz 99ers, is fined 500.00 Euros.

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