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Michele Marchetti von Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey wurde wegen unsportlichen Verhaltens für zwei Spiele gesperrt.

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Michele Marchetti of Migross Supermaercati Asiago Hockey was suspended for two games because of unsportsmanlike conduct and additionally fined 1000.00 euros.

Friday night, 22.12.2023, in Villach, Asiago forward #68 Michele Marchetti used an inappropriate gesture, directed at the area of a game official.

With approximately 5 minutes remaining in the game, as played pursued into the Asiago attacking zone, an inadvertent bump occurred between the Linesman and Marchetti. Immediately following, Marchetti skated directly to his respective players bench where a line change occurred. Once located on the players bench and with the Linesman located directly across the players bench on the opposite side of the ice, Marchetti made a gesture, to what appears to be at the Linesman, through the use of a throat gesture and then pointing at the official. Throat gestures or any form of gestures, directed at or in the vicinity of another individual is strictly prohibited in the ICE Hockey League.

In addition, there has been a commitment by the league for years to reject any form of discrimination and the clubs participating in the league have committed themselves, among other things, to this commitment against any discrimination. After consultation with the game officials and reviewing the video evidence, it has been determined that Marchetti will receive disciplinary action under Ref. Nr. 54 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

The ICE Hockey League Department of Player Safety has suspended Michele Marchetti for 2 games and fined 1,000.00 euros.

Next game Michele Marchetti (#68) of Migross Asiago Hockey 1935 is allowed to play:
01.01.2024 Migross Asiago Hockey 1935 – BEMER Pioneers Voralberg

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