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Zane Franklin von den spusu Vienna Capitals ist wegen „Slew-Footing“ im Freitagsspiel in Asiago für ein Spiel gesperrt und zusätzlich mit einer Geldstrafe in der Höhe von Euro 200,00 belegt worden.

Das Originalurteil:
Zane Franklin of the spusu Vienna Capitals was suspended for one game due to an incident in Friday’s road game at Asiago deemed as slew footing (IIHF Rule 52) and additionally fined 200.00 euros. Further, Trevor Gooch of HK SZ Olimpija got a financial fine due to non-compliant protective equipment.

Zane Franklin (#61) of spusu Vienna Capitals, time approximately 56:51 was involved in an incident deemed as Slew-footing (IIHF Rule 52). The video evidence was sent to the win2day ICE Hockey League PSC, which determined the incident to be worthy of supplementary discipline – Category 1 -‚Careless‘.

Friday night in Asiago, Vienna forward #61 Zane Franklin was involved in an incident deemed as Slew-Foot on Asiago forward #7 Nicholas Porco.

As the video shows, Porco is moving through the neutral zone at a high speed with puck possession as Franklin skates to gain body position to make a defensive play. Simultaneously, as Porco dumps the puck, Franklin gained a body position to make a body check. Franklin engages with his upperbody, pulling Porco backwards, as he simultaneously sweeps his left leg forward, to use as leverage in taking Porco down. These actions cause Porco to fall dangerously to the ice.

This is a Slew Footing.

It is important to note there are many occasions during the course of a game, where players use either their legs or stick and upper body to impede an opponent or to gain leverage during a puck battle. When these plays rise to the level of being illegal, the vast majority of them can be adequately punished with in game penalties. What causes this play to rise to the level of supplementary discipline is Franklin’s use of both his upper and lower body to take Porco to the ice in a dangerous fashion.

The ICE Hockey League Department of Player Safety has suspended Zane Franklin for 1 game and fined 200.00 euros.

To summarize:

This is slew-footing
Dangerous action
Not a repeat offender

Previous suspension:

Next game Zane Franklin (#61) of spusu Vienna Capitals is allowed to play:
02.02.2024 Hydro Fehervar AV19 vs. spusu Vienna Capitals

DOPS stellt folgendes Video zur Verfügung:


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