Jamie Lundmark, KAC

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Jamie Lundmark vom EC-KAC wurde vom DOPS wegen eines Stockschlags für ein Spiel gesperrt.

Das zweite Halbfinalduell zwischen dem EC-KAC und dem EC Red Bull Salzburg hatte für Jamie Lundmark noch ein Nachspiel. Der Stürmer des EC-KAC wurde nachträglich für einen Stockschlag gegen Dominique Heinrich vom DOPS für ein Spiel gesperrt. Der Kanadier steht den Rotjacken damit im dritten Halbfinale am Sonntag in der Mozartstadt nicht zur Verfügung.

Das Urteil in voller Länge in englischer Sprache:

Jamie Lundmark of EC-KAC got suspended by DOPS for one game, because of Slashing.

According to the Arbitrator and after reviewing video evidence, player Lundmark (#74) of EC-KAC, in Semifinal number 2 against EC Red Bull Salzburg on Friday, March 17th 2017 time appr. 46:01, made contact with an opponent deemed as Slashing IIHF Rule 159. As per the EBEL Fundamental Rules V. 5,1 (b), video evidence was sent to PSC(IDOPS) for a final verdict. From the perspective of DOPS, it is clear that Jamie Lundmark (#74) demonstrated a motion on the opposing player that is defined in the IIHF Rule Book as Slashing.

On March 17th 2017 in Klagenfurt, a situation occurred involving EC-KAC player #74-Jamie Lundmark. The EBEL PSC elevated the situation to supplementary discipline. As the video shows, Jamie Lundmark is back checking on a play that is considered a possible scoring opportunity for the attacking team. With Jamie Lundmark positioned behind the opposing player and no chance of catching him on the immediate attacking player puck possession, it has been determined that Jamie Lundmark used his stick as an illegal tactic, with no regard for the puck. While the opposing player is driving the net and in a position to receive a pass in the slot area, Lundmark elevates his stick in height and in a position to propel the stick in a forceful manner at the opposing player. The forceful contact is considered reckless and endangering, due to the slash targeted at a vulnerable area of the opposing player. There was an apparent injury to the opposing player. Effective immediately Lundmark is suspended for 1 game.

Key references:
– Force of slash
– Location of slash
– Apparent injury to opposing player
– Not a repeat offender

From the perspective of DOPS and according to the EBEL Penalty Catalog Ref Nr. 125 – Slashing, Jamie Lundmark of EC-KAC is suspended for 1 game, effective immediately.

Next game Jamie Lundmark (#74) of EC-KAC is allowed to play: Tue, 21.03.2017 EC-KAC vs. Red Bull Salzburg