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Anthony Camara von den Moser Medical Graz99ers muss nach einem Stockschlag ein Spiel zusehen.

Für Anthony Camara von den Moser Medical Graz99ers hatte das Heimspiel gegen den EC Red Bull Salzburg noch ein Nachspiel. Der Stürmer wurde vom DOPS nachträglich für einen Stockschlag gegen Rob Schremp für ein Spiel gesperrt. Der Kanadier fehlt seinem Team damit am Sonntag daheim gegen Bozen.

>Urteil in der Causa Anthony Camara in voller Länge in englischer Sprache:

Anthony Camara of Moser Medical Graz99ers will miss the next game, because of a Slashing-suspension.

According to the Arbitrator and after reviewing video evidence, player Anthony Camara (#36) of Moser Medical Graz 99ers in the game against EC Red Bull Salzburg, on Friday, January 26th 2018, time 16:48, made contact with an opponent deemed as Slashing, IIHF Rule 159. As per the EBEL Fundamental Rules V. 5,1 (b), video evidence was sent to PSC(IDOPS) for a final verdict.
From the perspective of DOPS, it is clear that Anthony Camara (#36) demonstrated a motion on the opposing player that is defined in the IIHF Rule Book as Slashing.

On January 26 in Graz, a situation occurred involving Graz player #36 Anthony Camara. The situation was sent to the EBEL Player Safety Committee (PSC), who determined that supplementary discipline is required. Camara is in a back checking role in which he glided (no skating effort) from the neutral zone into the high slot area of his defending zone. At the same time, the opposing team gains attacking zone entrance with the opposing player maintaining puck possession from the neutral zone into the high slot area. The opposing player begins a 1 on 1 play with a defense man (defensive side), which has the attention of the puck carrier on the 1 on 1 battle. From the offensive side (an unsuspecting angle) to the opposing player, Anthony Camara engages the opposing player with a slash directly to the arm. The reason for supplementary discipline, is due to the location, the intent and purpose of the slash. Anthony Camara made a choice, knowing he is beat on the play, to take his hands from a wide grip to an approach that has his hands together to create a baseball like swing. The wind up motion of the stick was directed and targeted at the hand area of the opposing player. Although their was no apparent serious injury, the chance of a serious injury with this type of slash is very high.
Effective immediately, Anthony Camara is suspended for 1 game.

Key references:
– Wind up motion of slash
– Purpose of slash
– Location of the stick
– Not a repeat offender

From the perspective of DOPS and according to the EBEL Penalty Catalog Ref Nr. 125 – Slashing, Anthony Camara (#36) of Moser Medical Graz 99ers is suspended for 1 game, effective immediately.

Next game Anthony Camara (#36) of Moser Medical Graz 99ers is allowed to play:
Fr, 02.02.2018: tba

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