Mathias Bau Hansen, Dornbirn Bulldogs

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Mathias Bau Hansen von den Dornbirn Bulldogs ist für sein unsportliches Verhalten beim Spiel gegen Fehervar AV19 am vergangenen Samstag mit einer Geldstrafe belegt worden.

Das Department of Player Safety hat über Mathias Bau Hansen von den Dornbirn Bulldogs eine Geldstrafe in der Höhe von € 250,00 verhängt. Grund für die Strafe war sein unsportliches Verhalten gegenüber dem Publikum beim Spiel zu Gast bei Fehervar AV19.

Das DOPS stellt dazu folgendes Video zu Verfügung:

Das Original-Urteil:

Mathias Bau Hansen of the Dornbirn Bulldogs got fined for an incident deemed as unsportsmanlike conduct in the game against Fehervar on Saturday.
Mathias Bau Hansen (#50) of Dornbirn Bulldogs, time ~37:55 was involved in an incident deemed as Unsportsmanlike Conduct (IIHF Rule 186vi.3).

According to the Arbitrator and having considered the video evidence, player Mathias Bau Hansen (#50) of Dornbirn Bulldogs, will receive supplementary discipline under rule 168 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct. The video evidence was reviewed and determined the incident to be worthy of supplementary discipline – Category 1 – ‚Careless‘ – fine with no suspension.

During a game played in Székesfehérvár with the Dornbirn Bulldogs as the guest team, #50 Mathias Bau Hansen engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct towards a spectator while play was on. In returning to the Dornbirn Bulldogs players bench for a line change, Mathias Bau Hansen engaged with spectators. As seen on the video, once Mathias Bau Hansen is located on the players bench, he immediately raises his stick in the direction of the opposing teams spectators. He did not make contact with any spectators and with a glass partition, the probability was small that contact could occur. However, the stick raising gesture in itself, towards the fans for the purpose of threatening action is not permitted.

It was taken into consideration that the opposing team fans may have been verbally stating remarks and even possibly used body motion. However, at no time was Mathias Bau Hansen in any form of harm or danger.

The Erste Bank Eishockey Liga takes great pride in the fans. The fans need to know they can come to an arena and at no time will a player or team be permitted or entertain any threatening or disrespectful means towards them.

Effective immediately, Mathias Bau Hansen (#50) is fined 250.00 Euros.

Key references:

Engaged with spectators
Raised his stick in direction of spectators
Deemed – Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Not a repeat offender

From the perspective of DOPS and according to the EBEL Penalty Catalog Ref. Nr. 138 – Insulting or threatening opponents or spectators, Mathias Bau Hansen (#50) of Dornbirn Bulldogs is fined 250.00Euros, effective immediately.