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Stephen Lee vom HC Pustertal Wölfe wurde wegen „Kneeing“ für zwei Spiele gesperrt.

Das detaillierte Urteil
Stephen Lee of the HC Pustertal Wölfe got suspended for two games because of an incident deemed as kneeing.

Stephen Lee (#45) of HC Pustertal Wölfe time approximately 10:17, was involved in an incident deemed as kneeing (IIHF Rule 152). The video evidence was sent to the AHL Player Safety Committee (PSC), which determined the incident to be worthy of supplementary discipline, Category 2 – ‚Reckless‘.

According to the Arbitrator and having considered the video evidence and ruling of the AHL PSC, player Stephen Lee (#45) of HC Pustertal Wölfe, will receive supplementary discipline under rule 152 – Kneeing.

On October 16th in Pustertal, an incident occurred involving Pustertal player #45 Stephen Lee which is deemed kneeing, causing an apparent injury.
As the video shows, with a lose puck along the half wall in the d’zone of Pustertal, a race to the puck ensues between the opposing player and Stephen Lee. With Lee having the possibility of playing the puck, it is considered that Lee instead showed no regard for the puck. When Lee is about at the face-off dot, he sees the opposing player pursuing the lose puck, at which point Lee engages in a wide stance, set position to make a body check. The wide stance position, slight movement in skating pattern to Lee’s right and the fact, Lee made no body to body contact and only leg to leg contact, is the reason for supplementary discipline. Lee is considered responsible to make contact through the use of his body and avoid knee and leg contact. The incident is deemed recklessly endangering and a high potential situation of creating a serious injury.

Effective immediately, Stephen Lee (#45) of HC Pustertal Wölfe is suspended for 2 games.

Key references:
– This is Kneeing
– Direct knee to leg contact
– Category 2 – ‚Reckless‘
– Not a repeat offender

From the perspective of DOPS and according to the AHL Penalty Catalog Ref. Nr. 12 – Kneeing, Stephen Lee (#45) of HC Pustertal Wölfe, is suspended for 2 games, effective immediately.

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