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Miha Zajc vom HK SZ Olimpija ist wegen eines Checks gegen den Kopf- und Nackenbereich im Spiel gegen den HC Gherdeina valgardena.it für ein Spiel gesperrt worden.

Das Original-Urteil:
Miha Zajc of the HK SZ Olimpija got suspended for one game because of an incident deemed as checking to the head or neck in the game against HC Gherdeina valgardena.it.

Miha Zajc (#88) of HK SZ Olimpija time approximately 05:05, was involved in an incident deemed as checking to the head or neck (IIHF Rule 124). The video evidence was sent to the AHL Player Safety Committee (PSC), which determined the incident to be worthy of supplementary discipline, Category 1 – ‚Careless‘.

According to the Arbitrator and having considered the video evidence and ruling of the AHL PSC, player Miha Zajc (#88) of HK SZ Olimpija, will receive supplementary discipline under rule 124 – Checking to the head or neck.

On October 24th in Ljubljana, an incident occurred involving Ljubljana player #88 Miha Zajc which is deemed checking to the head or neck, causing an apparent injury.

As the video shows, HC Gherdeina player #72 Michael Sölva plays a loose puck in the corner. It is deemed that Sölva, in playing the puck, is in a normal skating and puck moving stance, which means the responsibility is on Zajc to avoid head contact. It is also deemed that in pursuit and playing the puck, Sölva had no means to protect himself.

The reason for supplementary discipline is the means in which Zajc delivers the check. With Zajc located at approximately the face-off hash marks, he reads the play and begins his pursuit to defend. Instead of having a regard for the puck, Zajc in his pursuit towards Sölva, begins a load up (wind up) motion, to deliver a check with excessive force. Leading into contact, Zajc does a great job of turning 90* to deliver a check with his shoulder. But in doing so, Zajc begins through body elevation and ends with separation, elevation and excessive contact to the head area of Sölva.

Zajc must work to have a regard in body checking, for the purpose of separating the puck from the puck carrier vs using an excessive, elevated means with arm separation.

Effective immediately, Miha Zajc (#88) of HK SZ Olimpija is suspended for 1 game

Key references:

This is Checking to the head or neck
No regard for the puck
Category 1 – ‚Careless‘
Not a repeat offender

From the perspective of DOPS and according to the AHL Penalty Catalog Ref. Nr. 111 – Checking to the head or neck area, Miha Zajc (#88) of HK SZ Olimpija, is suspended for 1 game, effective immediately.

DOPS stellt folgendes Video zur Verfügung:

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